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November 18th 2014

CHA Board Meeting Minutes - November 18, 2014

Association meeting held in the media room of the Columbus Civic Center, 400 4th Street, Columbus, GA 31901.
1.  The President, called the meeting to order at 6:38 pm.
2.  Members/Guest in attendance:  17
3.  Administration Notes:

  1. Appreciation and thanks extended to all the volunteers who helped make the Nov. 8 Try Hockey for Free event a success.
  2. The CHA is addressing all issues concerning the balance of teams in the Majors House Division. The coaches are working on all issues and will come up with ideas to ensure the teams are balanced.

4.  Financial Report:

  1. The Treasurer, Edel Dunkle read the finance report. The starting balance for November 2014 was $27,718.40; the adjusted balance was $17,626.37
  2. Financial Oversight Committee reviewed and approved financials on 11/17/14.

5.  Old Business:

  1. Clyde Glenn updated the membership as to the CHA taxes. Hope to complete the process with the financial advisor by the end of the month for the associations last three years.      
  2. Fundraising update; Let Anne Johnson know if you have any shoes to donate to the shoe drive. Also need to coordinate with the Cottonmouths to establish a shoe drop off during snakes games. Julie Miller is working on a buy one get one free Krispy Kreme card fundraiser. She needs to the association address and tax ID number to establish an account.
  3. SYTHL Host weekend is December 6 & 7. Squirt & Bantam families will coordinate a hosting the event during a meeting on Saturday Nov 22 at 10:30am. Tracy Pattillo will coordinate with Amy Kennedy (Squirt Team Manager). Clyde Glenn will send the schedule to Joe McCrea & will also coordinate the opening of the concession stand with Ross Horner of the Civic Center.

6.  New Business

  1. Tracy Pattillo will find volunteers to come up with themes and ideas for a CHA Christmas float in the Columbus Christmas Parade on Dec 13.
  2. New CHA Vice President is elected. Edel Dunkle nominates Matt Stanley, 2nd by Joe McCrea and accepted by all.
  3. League fee payment completion for all programs deadline is January 15th, 2015 unless prior coordination has been made with the President or Treasurer. A motion to instill a plan for 50% of amount owed to be paid by December 1st and total payment completed by January 15th.  Upon coordination with the President or Treasurer, an extension can be granted for final payment deadline by March 1st. Any member who doesn’t pay by the set deadlines or have approval for payment options by the board prior to deadlines, their child will not be entitled to play until payment requirements have been met or proper coordination with the board for payment made. Motion made by Chris Miller, 2nd by Juan Mora and accepted by all.

7.  A motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:23 was made by Ted Runci, 2nd by Juan Mora and accepted by all. The next CHA Board Meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 in the Media Room of the Columbus Civic Center.
8. Point of contact for Meeting minutes compiled by Barney Slayton, Secretary. 

                                                                                                                                           //ORIGINAL SIGNED//
                                                                                                                                             CLYDE A. GLENN
                                                                                                                                             Columbus Hockey Association

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