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January 20th 2015

CHA Board Meeting Minutes - January 20, 2015

Association meeting held in the media room of the Columbus Civic Center, 400 4th Street, Columbus, GA 31901.
1.  The President, called the meeting to order at 6:44 pm.
2.  Members/Guest in attendance:  10
3.  Administration Notes:

  1. Clyde Glenn will complete the Georgia Secretary of State Registration and send out.
  2. February 1, 2015, the CHA will host a minority church group for about 25, 3-11 year olds

            This is a type of try hockey for free event in which we will attempt to do quarterly.
            The CHA will need volunteers and the Columbus Ice Rink will not cover the insurance.
            Waivers will be filled out by all in attendance. 
4.  Financial Report:

  1. The Treasurer, Edel Dunkle was unable to attend so the financial report has been tabled.
  2. Financial Oversight Committee has reviewed and approved financials for the month of December.

5.  Old Business:

  1. CHA member that have not reached a 50% paid status need to show proof of a payment plan by January 31, 2015. Adult league members are required to pay immediately.
  2. The CHA Hockey director will follow up on his written duty description as the board would like to see a more detailed and quantitative overview.
  3. The Board will look into some sort of survey that the members can use to give feedback of how their CHA experience went this season.
  4. Merchandise/Fundraising update from Anne Johnson: We have completed a couple rounds of merchandise sales (24 car magnets, 13 water bottles/stickers, 24 of-fice sets, and 3 blankets).  We currently have one off-ice order outstanding.  Our profit to the CHA is sitting at just over $500. The first round of the shoe drive netted 42 bags of shoes for a profit of $420.  That was distributed as follows:  20% to the CHA, and the remainder divided between the five travel hockey teams.  Each team received roughly $67.  We have three more Cottonmouths’ games to collect shoes.  The drive ends on Jan 31st.

6.  New Business

  1. Think up ideas for CHA spring and summer programs/leagues/camps.
  2. CHA Picture Day is January 31, 2015.

7.  A motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 was by Juan Mora, 2nd by Bill Logan and
accepted by all. The next CHA Board Meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 in the Media Room of the Columbus Civic Center.
 8. Point of contact for Meeting minutes compiled by Barney Slayton, Secretary.

                                                                                                 //ORIGINAL SIGNED//
                                                                                                 CLYDE A. GLENN
                                                                                                 Columbus Hockey Association

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