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May 13th 2015

CHA Board Meeting Minutes - May 13, 2015

Association meeting held in the media room of the Columbus Civic Center, 400 4th Street, Columbus, GA 31901.

  1. The President, called the meeting to order at 7:39 p.m.
  1. Members/Guest in attendance: 10
  1. Administration Notes:
  • Edel Dunkle is resigning from the CHA Board. She will remain on the Financial Oversight Committee. The board will elect a new member to fill her position. Due to a tie in the board election process, the board will vote between Dave Robbins & Jason Bray to determine who will fill the vacancy.
  • The board will read last meeting minutes to better ensure follow through in identifying tasks to assign to members.
  • In accordance with the CHA bylaws, 3 board meetings are all a member can miss.

    4. Read Minutes:

  • Clyde Glenn will pursue options for new association software to replace Goaline for our website.
  • Matt Stanley will provide the CHA with 2 filing cabinets to be used to file pertinent CHA member paperwork onsite at the ice rink.
  • Barney Slayton & Jerome Bechard will talk to Ross Horner & the ice rink about using the rink TV monitors for instruction & announcement purposes.
  • Tracy Pattillo will provide 4 different proposals for a CHA membership volunteer requirement program.
  • The CHA will include a Bantam House League registration on the website prior to the 2015-2016 season.
  • Brad Prefontaine will oversee evaluation time at the beginning of the season for team/player assessments prior to finalizing teams.
  • Clyde Glenn will make every effort to schedule travel teams to travel together this season.
  • Joe McCrea will look into Columbus State University as an avenue for procuring volunteers or interns to assist the CHA.
  • Brad, Barney & Clyde will provide coaches with off-ice plans/templates to assist coaches with more off-ice training for CHA players.
  • Jerome & Clyde will coordinate with Ft. Benning MWR to advertise & promote the CHA to more members of the military.
  • Clyde will look into implementing a Learn to Play for adults & procure appropriate equipment for their participation. Looking to set up a 4 week adult learn to play in August.
  • Jerome will coordinate with Ross Horner of the Civic Center about providing cameras in the ice rink.
  • Ted Runci will look into providing information for players looking to extend their playing career past the CHA.

    5.  Financial Report:

  1. Edel Dunkle submitted the financials for the month of April:
  • PayPal - $36,420.43
  • Deposit - $5,2333.82
  • Withdrawal to Checking - $30,000.00
  • Ending Balance - $11,654.25
  • CB&T - $24,852.93
  • Deposit - $37,316.00
  • Withdrawal - $19,016.15
  • Ending Balance - $43,152.78
  1. The Financial Oversight Committee has reviewed & signed off on the financials.

   6.  Old Business:

  • A motion was made for the board to not pursue an inflatable tunnel for players to skate through, by Tracy Pattillo, 2nd by Joe McCrea & accepted by all.
  • Unpaid hockey dues – Still a few outstanding payments.
  • The CHA adult summer league has 30 registered players. The league needs 16 more players signed up by May 15, 2015 or the season will be cancelled.
  • The CHA will produce a sign in sheet for the adult pick up league for better tracking purposes.

    7.  New Business:

  • Board members will review the CHA bylaws & their continuity books, make changes if need be & sign off on them at the next meeting.
  • Vote for officers –
  • Secretary – Barney Slayton, motion by Joe McCrea, 2nd by Tracy Pattillo accepted by all.
  • Treasurer – Chris Miller, motion by Barney Slayton, 2nd by Joe McCrea, accepted by all.
  • Vice President – Matt Stanley, motion by Tracy Pattillo, 2nd by Joe McCrea, accepted by all.
  • President – Clyde Glenn, motion by Joe McCrea, 2nd by Tracy Pattillo, accepted by all.

    8.  Motion to adjourn:

  • Motion at 8:50 pm by Tracy Pattillo, 2nd by Joe McCrea, accepted by all.
  • The next CHA Board Meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in the media room of the Columbus Civic Center.
  1. Point of contact for Meeting Minutes compiled by Barney Slayton, CHA Secretary.
  1. Members in attendance
  • Craig Wheeler
  • Edel Dunkle
  • Joe McCrea
  • Jerome Bechard
  • Barney Slayton
  • Brad Prefontaine
  • Clyde Glenn
  • Chris Miller
  • Tracy Pattillo
  • Matt Stanley

                                                                                                                                            //ORIGINAL SIGNED//
                                                                                                                                            CLYDE A. GLENN
                                                                                                                                            Columbus Hockey Association

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