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    10/02/2018, 2:15pm EDT
    By CHA Admin

    Tis the season, let's go hockey fans.

    LTP Youth Program Dates–

    LTP1-Aug 25th – Sep 22nd, 4 Weeks No LTP Sep 1st, Labor day weekend

    LTP5-March 2nd– April 13th, 6 Weeks No LTP March 30th Spring Break

    LTP2-Sep 29th – Oct 27th, 4 Weeks, No LTP Oct 6th, Tuskegee/Morehouse Game

    LTP6-April 27th – May 18th, 4 Weeks

    LTP3-Nov 17th – Dec 15th, 4 Weeks, No LTP Nov 24th Thanksgiving

    LTP7-June 1st – June 29th, 5 Weeks (Rink Closure time?)

    LTP4-Jan 5th– Feb 9th, 6 Weeks



    Little Preds Progam dates:  Session 1- Jan 5th,12th,19th,26th and Feb 2nd,9th.

    Try Hockey For Free 2018-2019

    S1 - August 18th, 9:00-10:30, S2 - November 10th, 8:30 – 10:00, S3 - February 23rd, 9:00 – 10:30


    LTP Adult Program Dates–

    S1-Sep 12th – Oct 3rd, 4 Weeks, Wednesday Nights, 7:30pm-8:30pm


    Adult Hockey – There will be an A, B, and C league this season!

    Adult B Pick up is on Wednesday’s starting on August 15th, and Adult A on Tuesdays starting September 4th. There is an Adult Development Program Sep 12th – Oct 3rd, 4 Weeks, Wednesday Nights, 7:30pm-8:30pm to help form the new C League.

    Adult evaluations will take place the week of October 15th – 18th, with the season starting October 22nd.
    *** If the league doesn’t need evaluations, league play will start during the evaluation week.

    Youth House league October 1st- March 9th – 8U on Monday, and Saturdays. 10U/12U on Wednesday, and Saturdays. 14U/18U on Saturdays.


    Xay Ducharme


    Phone: (707) 816-0971

    Rick  St. Clair

    Rick St. Clair

    Vice President

    Phone: (706) 464-1496

    Amy  Tate

    Amy Tate


    Phone: (706)-575-1254